The API Spots

APIs for Humans

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A Collection Of Human Friendly API Tools

The API Spots project is a collection of tools for anyone interested in discovering, exploring and interacting with APIs without the need for a technology background.

The Manifest

Embedded into your browser

API Spots collective is distributed as a Chrome extension.

The browser is your workspace, so there is no need to keep switching between apps.

Discover, explore and interact with APIs contextually through your browser.

A galaxy of data and possibilities

APIs are the driving force of the Internet today.

Almost every online application we use has an API exposed that can provide direct access to a multitude of resources.

The importance of data interchange and service connectivity through APIs has driven to what is known as the API Economy.

Open source technologies

Built entirely on top of open source technologies and specifications.

Following the lead of top technology experts and supporting the open source community efforts.

Because together we can make an impact!

"Application Programming Interfaces, also known as APIs"

This new way of sharing data using the web is touching almost every aspect of our increasingly digital lives, providing access to the bits and bytes that make our personal and professional worlds go round.

Kin Lane The API Evangelist